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Leonardo D'Aquila was born in Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a multidisciplinary argentine artist dedicated mostly to tango, at it´s broadcasting, teaching and scenic creation.

He possesses a complex and varied artistic training. His profound studies in music, plastic arts, literature and theatre become very evident in all of his work and different mise-en-scène, in which of course, predominates the art of tango.

Leonardo D´Aquila, the dancer, choreographer and tango teacher, has taken his art and knowledge to a large part of Latin America and Europe (Argentina, Brasil Paraguay, Belize, Mexico, Spain Germany, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom).

He currently lives in Mexico City where he founded the First Professional Argentine Tango School in Mexico: Eneik Tango, where hundreds of people per year come to learn to dance tango, from people without any experience to professional dancers.

He currently lives in Mexico City, where he founded tango, and spreading the tango culture and knowledge in mexico and worldwide through his teaching, to people of every dance level and experience, making professional dancers and creating many kinds of shows.

Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer

A very diverse career


As an international dancer, Leonardo has stepped on various stages and milongas giving exhibitions in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Misiones), Irland (Dublin), United Kingdom (Belfast) Italy (Rome), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Germany (Hannover and Hamburg), Mexico (Mexico City, Chetumal, Toluca, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Baja California, Ixtapa, Matehuala, Morelia, Cancún, Oaxaca, Aguascalientes, and others), Bolivia (La Paz), Belize (Ciudy of Belize) and Paraguay (Asuncion).

One of the first great experiences he had as a tango dancer was being involved in two documentary films of "Bajo Fondo Tango Club" and "Luciano Supervielle", directed by Gustavo Santaolalla in 2002, and presented by the channel Film&Arts.

Leonardo D'Aquila danced with renowned tango orchestras such as bailó con  "Contratiempo", "Beata Söderberg", "Bien Frappé", and "Las del Abasto", between the years of 2002 y 2007.

He also gave exhibitions in iconic tango forums like "Salón Canning" and "Confitería Ideal", "Ave Tango", and in the event "Peña de los Clubes" of the football clubs Boca Juniors and Lanús from the years 2000 to 2013.

As an actor and dancer, he performed in the theatre play "Tango del 900" directed by Claudio Gatell and staged in the Casa-Museo Mario Grümm in La Boca, Buenos Aires. This successful play had a three year run.

Later, Leonardo directed, danced and created the performace "Crónicas de Tango in Ficción", alongside dancer Yazmín Garnelo. The play premiered in October 2009 in Mexico City under the sponsoring of the National Culture and Arts Funding Institute FONCA.

He also participated as a dancer in tango festivals and in theatre seasons next to artists such as Raúl Di Blasio, Carla Borgetti and Hugo Jordan.

He was summoned to the International Dance Festival of Belize, "Dance BX 2015" being the first tango dancer to have ever presented tango in this country both dancing and teaching.

In 2016, Leonardo D´Aquila danced next to the argentinian rock band Bersuit Bergarabat, it´s hit song "Perro Amor Explota" next to the dancer Antonia Lema and the musician Pablo Ahmad as guest artists.

Finally, he has danced in the folllowing companies and shows:

"IO Tango" ( of Valeria Vega), "Acuarelas en Tango" ( of "Bocha Mazza"), Tango Vivo (of Fredy Potenza), Vid Argentina Show, and as a dancer, director and choreographer of his own company, Eneik Tango.

Tango classes in CDMX and contracting /
 Classes of tango in Mexico with the Argentinean teacher.
 Classes of tango in Mexico with the Argentinean teacher.
 Classes of tango in Mexico with the Argentinean teacher.
 Classes of tango in Mexico with the Argentinean teacher.

An arduous teaching endeavor

Leonardo´s teaching endeavor has been very intense since the beginning, when he was learning from Mingo Pugliese y Esther Emilio. Under their tutelage, he helped in their classes. Both of them taught him the values of good education, and the importance of a precise methodology and teaching system. Mingo Pugliese developed such a system himself through his own experience and inventive and from everything learned from the great Carlos Estévez, more commonly known in the tango scene as Petróleo.

Leonardo D'Aquila, taught in the "Argentine Tango School", from the year 2001 until 2007 and later in 2012. He also participated in the world festival of Buenos Aires (Gral. San Martín Theatre) in 2002. Later, he gave tango and milonga classes at the "Academy of Roberto Herrera" in 2005-2007. During these same years, Leonardo also taught classes in the historic "Esquina Homero Manzi".

He also participated as a teacher of the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires, between the years 2003 and 2006.

In Mexico, he taught in many dance schools and communities since his arrival in 2008 such as the "Escuela de danzas Arte en V" (directed by Carmen Correa), Black Studio,  and "Los Talleres de Coyoacán".

His classes have been imparted in various countries in Latin America and Europe, and he also received students from all over the world while teaching in Buenos Aires. Some of them continued on and founded their own dance companies and academies.

Own School, studies program, teaching staff, and methodology.

In the year 2013 Leonardo created, co-founded and directed the First School Specialized in Argentine Tango in Mexico, "Tango Blanco del Águila" later renamed Eneik Tango in 2014. The main goal of Eneik Tango is the development of new tango dancers. Both people that are interested in social dancing and those interested in professional training in both Tango Salón and Tango Escenario. The classes in Eneik Tango are taught by the best teachers in Mexico City, whom are themselves in constant education and  growth.

Throughout the years, Leonardo has created a formal and systemized teaching method that he imparts through a pedagogical basis to the new teachers. Hundreds of students, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels come through Eneik Tango to learn to dance with this system, with Leonardo D´Aquila or with some of his disciples.

The focus of the school´s curricula is broad and ambitious, and encompasses classes of social tango dance, a practica (a mostly experiential class with fewer technical instructions), a class called "Multiestilos" (Multi-styles), created to bring knowledge and awareness of the different styles of tango (a class taught by Leonardo himself based on his thorough study of each style of tango) and special thematic monthly seminars.

Alongside this, is the formation of new teachers that practice their dancing skill for a long time, and work both in a classroom and at home learning the system created by Leonardo. The teacher to be has to learn about group dynamics, leadership skills, pedagogy, and be able to apply everything to the art of tango. 

In terms of the professional dance training, this one is individually oriented depending on the dancer, his skills, and personal interests.

"Choreography is a world of structures, development and expression"  (Leonardo D'Aquila)

The study of choreography came up early in Leonardo´s career. After realizing that in tango, unlike in other dances with a longer tradition, it is the dancer himself who usually has to come up with his own "choreographies", which generally lack complexity and unfortunately do not exhibit in most cases the full extent of the dancer´s interpretative and technical skills.

For this same reason, and based on his experience in theatre montages, Leonardo decided to start the tremedous task of studying choreography and later using this knowledge and his own experience to lay out his path to becoming a tango choreographer, differentiating between choreographies for Tango Shows, Tango for the Stage and Tango Salon.

His most remarkable moments as a choreographer started as Assistant Director and choreographer of the main show at the "Esquina Homero Manzi" in Buenos Aires, during the years of 2004 to 2007. Additionally, he gave a class of choreographic resources alongside the renowned Gachi Fernández at the Argentine Tango School in 2006.

Unifying this with his theatre experience, he created in 2009 the show: “Crónicas de Tango y Ficción” with the financial support of the National Arts Funding institute.

He participated as a choreographer and dancer in the Theatre play "Ello", presented at the Teatro del Seminario de Cultura Mexicana (Mexico City 2016).

As a Tango Escenario choreographer in Mexico, Leonardo´s work has been displayed and very well received in festivals and theatre runs in: Mexico City, Guerrero, Jalisco, Baja California, Chetumal y Michoacán, in the concerts of Raúl Di Blassio, Hugo Jordán, and Carla Borguetti. (México 2007-2012).  


He has also choreographed and danced in film productions like "Así esla suerte" (2011) cdirected by: Juan Carlos de LLaca, and the movie "Princesa, una historia verdadera" (2016), directed by Óscar Blancarte.

Tango Company:

Currently, he directs and choreograph his own tango company, Eneik tango, with which he has had presentations in:

"Teatro NH", (Ciudad de México, 2016)

Wine Festival (Ciudad de México y San Luis Potosí , 2016 / 2017)

Zócalo, Mexico City (FICA 2017)

"Mes del Tango en CDMX" Plaza Loreto Forum , Mexico City (2015)

Noche de los Museos, Mexico City(2016)

DANCE BX Festival (Belize City, 2015)

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